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Live on Mission

One of the four major things we strive to do and want all who attend Great Oaks strive to do is “Live on Mission”.

One way we model that is through our Kingdom Builder Partnerships. These are places that we invest our time, talent, and treasure. 

Instead of giving to different organizations at different times and labeling the efforts in different ways, we seek to streamline our efforts by creating “Kingdom Builders.”

Everything Great Oaks does is to expand the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom  Builders fund is what Great Oaks uses to support a variety of projects and  ministries. These include missionaries and missions organizations all over the  world and local organizations on the front lines. Our Kingdom Builder partners is  also where we send out our life groups to serve and encourage all who attend to  serve at these amazing places as well. 

Kingdom Builders


SnackPac (Washington and Metamora)